The scientifically calibrated percussive frequency in the VOLT PRO and the targeted cold and hot therapy in the CONTOUR COMPRESSION ideally supports athletic recovery.

Altec Volt Pro Percussion Massage Gun


Elite athletes realise that training intensity and effort must be offset by planned recovery. Allowing muscles to rest after exercise is essential for high-level performance. But many athletes still overtrain. Too little recovery after exercise leads to overtraining syndrome, which makes it difficult to recover.

CONTOUR COMPRESSION and VOLT PRO are key components of this planned recovery stage, so the body repairs and strengthens muscles between workouts.


Continuous training weakens the strongest athletes. Recovery after intense physical activity is necessary, so muscles repair, rebuild, and rejuvenate. Plus, recovery allows a replenishment of energy stores to avoid tissue breakdown and fluid loss.

Without time to repair and recover after intensive exercise, the soft tissues continue to breakdown. Athletes who neglect to consider the importance of athletic recovery may feel:

  • 111Fatigued
  • 111Depressed
  • 111Disinterested
  • 111Decreased sports performance
  • 111Increased injury risk


Elite athletes deal with stiffness and sore muscles after their workouts. To maximise training, the muscles require recovery and repair. Alleviating symptoms of intense workouts leaves elite athletes in a position to take their training to the next level.  Percussion therapy and Cold & Hot therapy with compression helps in the repair and recovery of muscle fibres, so it naturally enhances athletic performance.

Contour Compression Elbow
  • 111Relaxes any thickened connective tissues.
  • 111Breaks down adhesions and scar tissue.
  • 111All while increasing your range of motion
  • 111Improves blood flow and circulation in the lymphatic system.
  • 111Enhances your flexibility with gentle stretching


Looking for ice packs or heating pads! You can now have both and more... Our Contour Compression is targeted cold and hot therapy with built in compression. Deep freezer & microwave friendly, lt's helps treat acute and chronic injuries. 

Contour Compression Elbow
Science Behind Altec Recovery Volt Pro


VOLT PRO is a superb choice for elite athletes.

  • 111Ergonomic Design – Fits into the palm of your hand perfectly!
  • 111No Fatigue Grip – Hold the handle at the most comfortable angle to maneuver the device without getting exhausted.
  • 111No Hand Recoil - Top balanced design with targeted pure percussion therapy.
  • 1115 Variable Percussion Speeds - Frequencies for all levels of muscle release. Even for sensitive areas.
  • 111Work All Day with One Battery Charge – Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts up to 6 hours on a single charge.
  • 111One-Handed, One Button Control – Convenient, easy to use button for all operations. Turn the VOLT PRO on, off and change the speed all with one hand!

Stiffness and sore muscles after workouts is something all athletes have to deal with. To maximise your training gains, the muscles require recovery and repair. Our VOLT PRO percussive therapy massage gun & our CONTOUR COMPRESSION targeted cold & hot therapy with compression naturally help muscle recovery.


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