Our CONTOUR COMPRESSION technology, offers targeted cold and hot therapy with compression.


The physiological effects of icing are reduction of inflammation, swelling and pain reduction. Icing a pained muscle constricts blood vessels, decrease blood circulation in the area and it also slows down the conduction of the pain pain sensation in the nerves. 

Heating a chronic injury, increases blood flow and metabolic activity which leads to loosening of muscle tissue. Warming an injured area relaxes stiffness and relieves pain in aching joints, such as those affected by arthritis. Our Contour Compression helps you treat both acute and chronic injuries.

Contour Compression top view
Contour Compression Ice packs and Heating pads for the knee

The CONTOUR COMPRESSION targeted cold and hot therapy helps to: 

Accelerate pre-workout warm-up & post-workout recovery.

Reduce muscle pain, muscle soreness and inflammation.

Relief from muscle soreness, stiffness and knots

Clinically ideal for post surgery icing.

Improve range of motion and muscle flexibility.

Enhance blood circulation and softens stressed muscle tissues.

Relief from muscle spasms and muscle cramps.

Helps reduce and relieve knee pain, tennis elbow pain & pain from shin splints. 

Premium-grade flexible brace with cold and hot compress reusable contour gel made for multiple muscle groups. For accelerated warmup and recovery,  athletes choose ALTEC CONTOUR COMPRESSION (2 Components,  1 Multi compression wrap and 1 Contour Gel) for:

Comfort & Compression - Premium & flexible plush neoprene - Fits perfectly around the applied muscles with built in compression. Fully self contained to ensure no leakage.

1 wrap, Multiple Muscles - Built for the wrist, forearm, elbow, biceps, triceps, ankle, shin, calf, knee, hamstrings, quads & adductors. One size fits all.

Contour Gel - Deep freezer and microwave friendly. Remains flexible even when frozen and takes the contour shape of the muscles applied on. Also available for sale separately. 

Best in class therapy - Covers 12" X 10" of muscle area. Contains 1 kg of contour gel for perfect icing or heating.

Compression Band - Our most technical product sold as an accessory for the Contour Compression. Velcor free band to further secure the Contour Compression and enhance compression.

Contour Compression packaging
Contour Gel packaged view

How does the Contour Compression Work?

The Contour Compression works by using cold or hot therapy. A technique used by athletes, coaches & therapists for injury prevention and recovery.

The Cold & Hot reusable Contour Gel is chilled in a deep freezer or heated in a microwave depending on the COLD or HOT therapy as required.

The Contour Gel is inserted into the pocket of the Multi Compression Wrap and and secured firmly in place with the pocket velcro, ready for treatment.

Place the Contour Compression over the area that needs to be treated and firmly secure with the three straps. This helps to secure the Contour Compression precisely on the treatment area along with compression.   


Contour Compression - Includes 2 components, includes 1 Multi Compression Warp and 1 Contour Gel

Contour Gel - Available for purchase separately as an accessory for the Contour Compression

Compression Band - Available for purchase separately as an accessory for the Contour Compression

Contour Compression packaged view

ALTEC Contour Compression helps you accelerate your pre-workout warm up and post-workout recovery. Pro Level treatment as demanded by the best athletes, coaches and teams across the globe. 


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